Beltane Bash
May Queen

The choosing of the May Queen

The May Queen represents the Maiden Goddess of Beltane. She leads everyone in dance and celebration. Looked upon as Lady Marian, Lady Guinevere, The princess of the Fae, and well known as Flora, the Roman Goddess of Spring, the May Queen is choosen, decorated in flowers, and become the Spring Maiden Goddess for a Day.

The Beltane Bash May Queen will be responsible to lead everyone to the afternoon May Pole Dance. she will be decorated, and give a special gift. She will be our May Queen till the end of the festival, so please be sure you're going to stay all day and through the drumming.

Enter your favorite princess or queen into a drawing to be Queen of the May at the registration booth! Each entry only costs $1. You can enter as many times as you wish. Entries for May Queen will be accepted until 1:30 pm. The drawing will be held at the Maypole Dance circle at 2 pm. All proceeds from the drawing will go to the Pagan Assistance Fund.